Sunday, February 07, 2021

Day 330 of the lock-down -- or is it Day 331?
  Hard to tell.  But will the "vaccine" help us escape this endless lock-down?  Uh, no.  But will it make tons of money for Big Pharma?  Yay!

Day 334:  So far, only approximately 400 people have died from the vaccine.  Could be much worse.  Whew.
     And here is a video that reminds us how very much healthier unvaccinated children are.  "What is the real cost of vaccines?"  Amazing video.  And now adults get to be unhealthier too.  Why let kids have all the fun? 


Day 336:  Oh boy. Apparently, the new COVID mutations are the ones that can escape face masks. Wha? Face masks are actually causing mutations as viruses struggle to survive and the strongest ones are the ones that can be most airborne? How depressing. But writing a limerick about it cheered me up.


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