Tuesday, January 12, 2021


In the last 75 years, a hecka lot of Palestinians have been murdered by Zionists.  Not so much the other way around.  Mostly the slaughter involves Zionists doing the dirty deed.  Palestinians?  Mostly they die fighting back to protect their families and homes.  But you would never guess this is true from what we read in the newspapers.  Sigh.

PS:  Maybe I enhanced my statistics a little bit.  Maybe it wasn't hundreds of thousands.  Maybe there were only around a hundred thousand -- give or take a few dead bodies and blown up bits of children in the interests of colonialism and apartheid.  Those pesky Palestinians!  Obviously shouldn't have been born in Palestine in the first place -- according to their blood-thirsty occupiers.


Just one more victim of Zionist brutality. They shot this man in the neck for trying to stop Zionist soldiers from stealing his own generator:  https://www.972mag.com/al-rakiz-shooting-israeli-army/ 

Since 2000, 1,274 Zionists have been killed by Palestinians.  However, 10,018 Palestinians have been murdered by Zionists -- 2,172 of them being children.  So much for the Zionist myth of David and Goliath.  https://israelpalestinetimeline.org/charts/ 

Then there's the blockchain for the rest of us:  https://wrenchinthegears.com/2021/01/10/population-health-human-capital-bonds-and-black-america/?fbclid=IwAR0ybE1aAe4gISbNODEI1r7rnDzKOkZHxwmkdIq6SEs9ch-5c108Kg9cCGA 

Longing for far away places -- go there and then murder its inhabitants!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0q3ZdKny6IM


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