Saturday, January 30, 2021


I'm holding a two-for-one sale on memes today.  Couldn't decide which was worse -- censorship or blind obedience.  Now America can have both!


Millions may get side-effects.  Yikes!

"(London) Times Front Page Misrepresents COVID Victim Age Distribution."  To mark the unhappy milestone of 100,000 COVID deaths yesterday (which are “with” not necessarily “of” COVID), the Times displayed the names and faces of 20 people who died with COVID on its front page.  Their photos are striking because many of them are relatively young and are in no way representative of the typical age of people who die with COVID, making the image highly misleading

And nobody seems to notice or mind that 285 Americans, mostly over age 70, have died after receiving the vaccine.  Nobody cares that they are murdering grandma?


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