Tuesday, May 12, 2020

"Let me out of here!" The day America reached a turning point with COVID

     What are your favorite TV shows?  Mine are The Rookie, The Connors, Survivor, Roswell, New Mexico (my father was born there), Gray's Anatomy and All Rise (obviously I'm too cheap to buy cable).  These are my guilty pleasures, my relief from the real world.  One hour a night I just put my feet up, turn off my brain and get entertained.

     But then some melodramatic fool comes on during the commercial break and sobs, "We are all in this together!" again and again and again.


     I really didn't mind being locked up for the first seven weeks.  I puttered.  I gardened.  I ordered stuff online.  I even got caught up with my FaceBook page.  But this morning?  Something inside of me just suddenly snapped.  I finally reached a point of no return -- the point where I'd even rather choose actually dying of COVID and just getting it over with than being constantly locked up here for even one more day, one more hour or even one more freaking second!  Arrgh.

     And I think that everyone else in America has just reached that same point too. https://childrenshealthdefense.org/news/the-brave-new-world-of-bill-gates-and-big-telecom/

     For the first time since 1776, the words "Give me liberty or give me death" have taken on a very personal meaning for all of us.  Let me out of here! 

Stop Wall Street and War Street (and Big Pharma) from destroying our world.   And while you're at it, please buy my books.  https://www.amazon.com/Jane-Stillwater/e/B00IW6O1RM