Saturday, May 02, 2015

My Apologia for the American 2016 presidential election

     After I had just finished writing an ode to Bernie Sanders as my candidate of choice for President in 2016 (based on his excellent domestic policy). it was suddenly drawn to my attention that while Senator Sanders has a domestic policy to die for, he also has a foreign policy to die for too -- literally.

     Apparently our Bernie has a tenancy to vote for supporting War Street a lot -- even though he refuses to kiss Wall Street's bottom.  Not good.

     We've already gotten suckered into voting for a War President when we elected Barack Obama.  And Hillary Clinton talks a good talk about her proposed domestic policy -- but she too has that "War President" gleam in her eyes.

     And then my friend Rita said, "Sanders always votes for war and military spending.  Look it up."  Oh crap.  Not Bernie too.  Hell, even Elizabeth Warren doesn't seem to be very much against Endless War these days.

     "Very few Presidential candidates take principled positions against Israeli neo-colonialists," someone else told me too. "And, unfortunately, while Bernie is great on so many other fronts, he does stand with the Israeli neo-colonialists, even during that horrific blitzkrieg on Gaza."

    If Americans are ever going to survive the Golden Age of Endless War (and the rest of the world is going to survive it too), then we need to elect a president in 2016 who will not bomb, kill, torture, blow up, blast, maim, blitzkrieg, drone-strike or otherwise do bad things to other human beings (or to us either).

     America needs a new foreign policy -- one that is not just a high-tech version of foreign policies currently deployed by ISIS and the Taliban.

      And so I'm going to have to give up entirely on the RepubliDems and "Vote Green in Twenty-Sixteen". 

     And in the meantime, I sorely do apologize to all the people of the world (and also to their corpses and ghosts) for all of the brutal, unconscionable and horrible things that our American political representatives (legally-elected or not) have done to the rest of the world in my name.