Wednesday, May 19, 2021


In layman's terms, why are pro-vaxxers dying?

     It seems to me that all I do these days is read up on COVID statistics.  Bor-ing!  And yet several clear patterns are emerging that make it all worth the effort.  According to Dr. Eileen Natuzzi, post-vaxxers are beginning to suffer from "Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome" and, in some cases, this new disease appears to be fatal.  According to the CDC's vaccine adverse event reporting system, pro-vaxxers appear to be dying at the rate of 30 people a day.  
     How can this be?

      What the freak is this "Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome" exactly -- and why is it killing us off at that rate?  Here's my non-scientific explanation.  The villain here is obviously a Bad Guy called Spike the Protein.  And although Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson portray him as a smooth talker, he is actually a tough guy with sharp edges.

      And when he drives through our blood streams in his getaway car, he careens down these tunnels from side to side, constantly bumping up against the walls of our veins and arteries, causing system-wide inflammation.  Spike the Protein is truly a gangster.  Out of control.  Him and his billion other gangster buddies are wildly hot-rodding around each injection-recipient's blood stream.  No respect.

     The result of all this reckless driving and inflammation is several kinds of internal bleeding and/or clotting.  Period.  And taking my cue from Dr. Natuzzi, I call this new development an Inflammatory Syndrome of the Circulatory System.  Hats off to Spike for inventing an entirely new disease.  But then that's what gangsters do, right?  Try to steal stuff that isn't theirs.

     But what happens next?  Here is my next question for Science.  How can we haul this evil Spike off to traffic school?  How can we throw him into Blood Clot jail?  How can we stop him before it's too late?


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