Friday, May 07, 2021


At the Muhammad Ali Museum: Character assassination is still assassination

     President Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr all got whacked the old-fashioned way.  Bullet to the brain.  Bullet to the heart.  But the oligarchs who own America don't do that kind of stuff no more.  Too many questions.  Too much bad publicity.  Too much blood.  Too many of us "conspiracy theory" peons getting pissed off.

     Now the oligarchs simply bushwhack your reputation if you dare get out of line.  Joe McCarthy-style.  "You're a communist.  You're anti-American.  You're a left-wing Antifa.  You're a right-wing QAnon.  You've gone off the rails.  You're a Socialist!"

     The oligarchs tried to assassinate Muhammad Ali's character as well.  And they will try to do it to you too if you ever dare to question their current Dominant Narrative -- as seen on TV.

     So.  Here I am at the Muhammad Ali museum in Louisville, Kentucky, about to buy a T-shirt in the gift shop.  And guess who suddenly pops up and starts giving a speech right there in front of the building?  Charles Booker, the hero who desperately tried to save us from Vampire Mitch.  And then guess who else pops up?  Bernie Sanders!  Yeah, that Bernie Sanders.  In the flesh.  Just six feet away from me!  Socially distanced.  Now here is a person who has had his character assassinated too. 

     "Muhammad Ali is a hero of mine," said the Bern.  They tried to destroy Ali's character until he would be too old to box.  Didn't work.  Ali fought back.

     And the oligarchs tried to destroy Bernie's character too -- hoping he would be too old to run for prez again as well.  Ha!  I'd be damn lucky to be as physically fit as our Bernie is here in Louisville.

     And now those same oligarchs are trying to discredit anyone who dares to go against the dominant COV!D narrative.  According to the CDC itself, thousands of people in our new VaxiNation have died from The Shot so far -- but no one is allowed to talk about that "misinformation" without getting maligned, defamed or censored.

     Where is Muhammad Ali when we need him the most -- to go toe to toe with the evil pharmaceutical industry that only makes money when we are both sick and scared to death.  Sometimes literally.

PS:  Ali's museum was totally inspiring.  I recommend it highly.

PPS:  Near the museum was a touchingly handmade memorial to Breonna Taylor, another citizen of Louisville.  And two days ago, cops arrived and demolished it.  But people came back the next day and constructed it again.  And the cops snuck in the next night and tore that one down too.

PPPS:  I also went to the wonderful Louisville Slugger museum -- and they displayed a photo of Hank Aaron touring the factory a few years ago.  Wanna try telling our Hank that dying because of Big Pharma's favorite money-maker is a conspiracy theory?  You will have to go to his graveside to do it.  Rest in peace, Hammerin' Hank.


Dr. Mercola has had his character assassinated for decades now.  What is the first thing you think of when you hear his name?  Quack?  I rest my case.  And yet he is far healthier than most Americans by far:

And Del Bigtree constantly gets stabbed in the back by Big Pharma even though his scientists are far more accurate, credentialed and scientific than their sell-out hacks:

I sent this video out earlier and people refused to watch it.  "Wikipedia says it's not been peer-reviewed."  Duh.  Watch the damn video anyway!

Want the Big Picture?  I bet you don't -- but maybe?  If you do, here it is:

Here's Naomi Wolf, being interviewed by Dr. Mercola about the ten steps to tyranny.  BTW, doctors are being arrested and/or fined if they even dare to mention the possibility that vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc might even help even a little in preventing and/or treating COV!D.

Add Tucker Carlson's name to the list because he dared to mention the high death rate from experimental injections here in VaxiNation.  Sometimes even Tucker Carlson is right, er, correct:

And where, exactly, is all this VaxiNation insanity taking us?  Down the rabbit hole or on to better things?  The choice is ours (not Big Pharma's):


Stop Wall Street and War Street (and Big Pharma) from destroying our world.   And while you're at it, please buy my books.