Saturday, July 18, 2020

Ayahuasca: Rebel with a cause?

     While attending San Jose State College back in 1963, I'd hang out in a dive bar on the weekends with a bunch of scruffy rebels out to make the world a better place.  Tas Miletas, Professor Pratt, Luis Valdez and Cindy Mitchell.  Zoot Suit Official Trailer #1 - John Anderson Movie (1981) HD 

      I still keep in touch with Cindy Mitchell.  In fact I just ran into her the other day while buying lettuce at the Berkeley Bowl.  She'd just gotten back from Delano, CA -- birthplace of the United Farm Workers Union.  Remember the famous grape strike of the 1960s?  "What were you doing down there now?" I asked her.

     "Taking ayahuasca."  What's that?  A plant-based hallucinogen discovered by tribal shamans from the Amazon.  Oh.  Not delivered by Jeff Bezos? 

      "What was it like?" I asked next.

      "Intense.  Scary.  Weird.  I cried like a baby.  The man next to me had visions of an angel figure who came and asked him what he wanted."

     "Did you ask for anything too?"

     "Yes, of course.  I had a whole laundry list of stuff.  Courage.  World Peace.  Wisdom."

     "Did you get any of it?" I asked next. 

     "Who knows," replied Cindy.  "Only time will tell.  I think so.  But toward the end of a very long night, all I really felt like doing was begging the ayahuasca Mother and Father for just a few hours of decent sleep.  And breakfast.  Not very spiritual requests but...."  she trailed off and looked pensive.  "But who knows."

     "What about COVID?  Did you learn anything about that?"

     "Nope, not at all.  Ayahuasca is all about the big things -- like the meaning of life, being in the here-and-now, being a better person, leaving bitterness behind, compassion, forgiveness, patience, that sort of stuff.  Not political games.  The subject of COVID didn't even come up."

     Still and all, I told Cindy about my latest COVID theory anyway.  "I bet you anything that the WHO, the CDC, Bill Gates and even Fauci Caligari himself will announce a successful new vaccine really soon.  Why?  Because Americans are starting to get restless with all this lock-down shite and are beginning to push back, right?  Black Lives Matter protests are just the tip of the iceberg.  Things could get ugly -- especially if the unemployment subsidy gets dropped.  The powers-that-be will definitely want to head us off at the pass."

     "Okay.  But will a safe and effective vaccine really be ready all that fast?"

     "Doesn't matter whether the vaccine is safe or not or if it even works," I replied.  "They will have reached their goal either way.  My theory is that they'll just shoot us all up with some harmless sea-water solution placebo dyed with pink food coloring or something, make hundreds of billions of dollars off it, declare a glorious victory over COVID, erect a gigantic 'Mission Accomplished' banner on some aircraft carrier somewhere, finally release us from our prison cells -- and that will be that."  Ingenious.  But Cindy still looked doubtful.

     Two days later, Cindy called me up.  "Guess ayahuasca wasn't quite done with me yet.  I just had a beautiful dream about a beautiful place -- and when I woke up, its message was crystal clear.  The lock-down has systematically closed down our parks, our libraries, our museums, our grand old hotels, our multi-cultural diversity, our unique food experiences, our cathedrals, our children, our music -- everything beautiful.  Gone." and

     That sounds about right.  Stolen beauty.  But what are Americans gonna do about it?  Hopefully not the same thing they did about the infamous WMD lies, the lone gunman in Dallas, the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution lie, the 2008 housing rip-off, the passports that miraculously survived 9-11, the numerous election-fraud lies, the lies about Syria, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Palestine....


Who benefits from COVID?  Not you and me.  Important reality check:

And we all belong to the mask cult, sometimes even me (and, no, it's not the Amazon cult -- it doesn't have a smile):

This is an insightful financial analysis of what happens next:

Four whole months and our technological geniuses haven't come up with a cure for COVID?  Oops, there already is one, has been one since way back in March.

Stop Wall Street and War Street (and Big Pharma) from destroying our world.   And while you're at it, please buy my books.