Friday, May 19, 2017

Why World War 3 is not going to be fun

     Going to Disneyland is fun.  Dancing the night away is fun.  Watching your daughter graduate from college is fun.  Devoting 60% of America's income and wealth to trying to start World War 3 with Russia is not.

     Winning a spelling bee is fun.  Going to the county fair is fun.  Watching the CIA support al Qaeda in Syria in order to slaughter even more babies in the Middle East with the goal of provoking Russia into World War 3 is not.  In fact, it's a nightmare.

     Picnicking in the park is fun.  Rollerskating is fun.  Standing helplessly by while the so-called leaders of my very own country try to start World War 3 in order to make big bucks in the weapons trade is not.

     Listening to music is fun.  Having sweet dreams about running through flower gardens is fun.  Allowing the traitorous Deep State to demonize Russia (one of the only sane countries left in the world today) in order to promulgate fascism in America is not.

     Eating mac-cheese at a potluck supper with friends is fun.  Opening packages on Christmas morning is fun.  Playing touch-football is fun.  Pissing off Russia and China to the point that China stops exporting goods to America (thus leaving our entire country with empty shelves at the mall) is not.

     Celebrating the Fourth of July with rockets and ice cream is fun.  Blowing out candles on a birthday cake is fun.  Blowing up Syria, Libya, Ukraine, Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and Iran in order to start World War 3 is not.  In fact, it's freaking evil and crazy and un-American and no fun at all.  

     But World War 3 is gonna be even less fun.  Bunkers in your backyard instead of swing sets?  No electricity and no running water instead of Nespresso machines and cable TV?  Radioactivity at what is left of your local mall if Russia and China finally get pissed off enough to retaliate?  I repeat.  "No fun at all!"


Stop Wall Street and War Street from destroying our world.   And while you're at it, please buy my books! 

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