Monday, May 15, 2017

Life is cheap in Palestine...

     In apartheid Israel right now, 1,500 Palestinian political prisoners are currently in the fourth week of a hunger strike, protesting against the brutal (American-blessed) neo-colonialist occupation of their homes in the West Bank.  Many of the hunger strikers are now close to death.

     "What do we care if they die," say their Israeli occupiers.  "They are sub-human anyway.  They are more like animals than people.  That would just mean 1,500 fewer Palestinian dogs to get in our way."  Lebenstraum is important in Israel.

      And life is cheap in Yemen too.  The Saudis (with America's blessing) are planning to starve 28 million Yemenis to death.  "What do we care," say the Saudis.  "They have oil.  We want oil.  End of discussion."

    And, just like in Yemen and Palestine, life is cheap in America too.  "Let's send more troops off to Syria," Americans say, also giving their blessing to this illegal "war" for oil.  But Syria is just like Iraq and Afghanistan -- more American troops will be slaughtered there in yet another deceitful neo-colonialist bid for more oil pipelines and more oil.  "Hey, it's not like we don't pay those dogfaces and grunts for their service," say the boys in Washington DC.  How much for an American soldier's life?  Not much.  And the price keeps getting lower and lower.


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