Saturday, July 30, 2016

More good news from Aleppo, Syria

     My Syrian friend just sent me this new update from Aleppo -- and as usual it reads like some Cold War CIA noir plot to destroy yet another democracy somewhere else in the world (as well as our democracy at home of course -- but that goes without saying).

     Here's the report:

     "The news from Aleppo is really good, all about capturing that notorious district of Bani Zayd, where [US-supported terrorists] used to shell innocent civilians daily with mortars of their handmade rockets that we Syrians call Hell Cannons.  Video clips show the huge amount of shells that were kept in their storage that the terrorists were planning to use.  No more shells and bombs from that district. 

      "The eastern part of Aleppo city is under siege now, and [US-supported] terrorists are preventing civilians from leaving.  From one side the terrorists are using them as human shields; and from the other side they want civilians to suffer in front the mainstream media so they can blame it on the Syrian army and Assad.  Ch. 4 News and many other news outlets have already started to twist reality and show only all-propaganda news, where the real good guys are shown as the bad ones, and vice versa.  They are sympathizing with the terrorists and playing all the media games and tricks of claiming the [terrorists'] losses to be civilian losses, and ignoring any humanitarian accomplishments by the Russians and Syrians."