Saturday, June 21, 2014

My speech at the UN press conference, Number Two

     I agree with everyone else who has spoken here today; that the Syrian elections were legitimate.  I am also aware that the news cycle has now moved on to Iraq -- where it is being hinted that Syrians invaded Iraq.  This also is a misunderstanding.  ISIS is in Iraq because it was driven out of Syria.

    But everyone in the media seems to be ignoring the real elephant in the room:  That ISIS is made up of pirates -- and that America is paying these pirates to loot and pillage and burn.

     After being an election observer in Syria, I now see ISIS from a whole new perspective -- and every time I hear the phrase, "Islamic Militant," I cringe.  ISIS members are not Muslims.  They are no more Muslims than Hitler was a Christian.

     Muslims believe in compassion and justice.  These ISIS guys are pirates.

     ISIS's main modus operandi in Syria was to move into a city or town, kill or drive out the civilian population and then loot, slash and burn.

     Like pirates.

     And the same thing happened in Mosul, where the first thing ISIS did was to loot the central bank of a half-billion dollars -- while flying their black and white Jolly Roger. 

     And ISIS doesn't want to capture Baghdad either.  It is after the oil refinery.

     ISIS doesn't want to convert anyone to Islam.  All they want is "Show me the money".

     And American taxpayers are paying billions to weaponize and train these crooks and robbers.

     And Bush and Cheney were the Bluebeards who gave birth to ISIS.  And Obama is no Captain Jack Sparrow either.