Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Stuck in Memphis again: McCain cancels the debate!

John McCain is behind in the polls. So what does he do? He cancels the freaking national presidential debate! "Country First!" he cries. "I need to go back to Washington to help get the financial crisis resolved. I gotta act Presidential." Yeah right. Like Congress is actually going to be in session at 9 pm on a Friday night.

Or are you going back to Washington to protect your buddies on Wall Street, John?

And what about us THREE THOUSAND media people who are scheduled to descend on Oxford, Mississippi in just two days? And what about Obama? Now if he shows up, he's gonna look like a slacker. All because McCain can't get his numbers up in the polls!

And what about ME? I already got my ticket to Memphis. What the freak am I gonna do in Oxford all by myself with all those other lost and distracted 3,000 reporters wandering around looking for a story?

And what about if McCain also cancels the Biden-Palin debate? What if Palin suddenly declares that she has to go back to Alaska to keep her eye on the freaking Russians? "Country First!"

That's just bull-moose dookie.