Friday, September 26, 2008

Report from Mississippi: Oxford in a tizzy, Obama on his way

Well my hitchhiking plan worked and I got from the Memphis airport to Oxford Thursday night at 1 am and spent the night on a park bench. Now I'm credentialed and everything and am in the University of Mississippi library media center, typing away.

Folks in Oxford appear to have really gotten pissed off when McCain canceled.

Now McCain is waffling, trying to think up a good excuse to back down on his pledge not to come to the debate. Why are we not surprised.

There is a MEDIA CIRCUS here. So far, 4,000 reporters have been credentialed, even me. And I got a free Southern breakfast this morning so I won't have to eat for a week.

Here are some photos so far. A James Meridith memorial event is starting in ten minutes. Gotta go.
PS: McCain just blinked. He's on his way to Mississippi right now.