Friday, September 05, 2008

Jock-Shock: Has Rush Limbaugh just become the RNC's new speech-writer?

Judging from last week's speeches at the Republican national convention, all I can assume is that Rush Limbaugh wrote most of the material. The speeches were filled with such folksy half-truths, slurs and innuendos that it appears Rush is becoming the RNC's new speech-writer and is replacing the more traditional kind who actually might have done their homework and/or talked about serious issues and proposed actual solutions to all the terribly distressing problems now facing America.

Did I say half-lies? What am I thinking! I'm now over here in China and functioning on only a few hours of sleep due to jet-lag. Please forgive me. "Half-lies?" Only half-lies? Focus, here, Jane. Like Rush, our guys in Minneapolis apparently have perfected the art of LYING THROUGH THEIR TEETH.

And expect more of the same in the days, weeks and years to come.