Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ramadan: A wonderful story about FOOD!

Food is my life! When I'm not blogging my heart out trying to save America from the Bush cartel -- how about that new torture bill? Our Congress has just made it legal to torture us! -- I'm thinking about FOOD!

Me? Go for two whole hours without food? Are you crazy? I'd starve to death. It cannot be done. Why not? I'll TELL you why not! Low blood sugar! Diziness, feeling empty, not being able to think. Weak in the knees. Blind terror that I will cross some invisible line in my brain and never come back! I simply can't do it. I've simply GOT to have food.

I'm not going to do Ramadan this year. I'm sorry. Forget it. No no no.

But then I made a deal with God. "I'm sorry. I just can't do this. But if You wanna do it for me, knock Yourself out. But remember. If it's up to me, I'm heading straight for the refrigerator. The ball is in Your court!"

So the first day of the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan arrived and Guess What? I wasn't even all that hungry. For me not to be overwhelmed by hunger after mere minutes without food? Can you say, "Miracle!"

And guess what else I found out? Once you get past that first initial scary HUNGRY feeling, it doesn't get any better. BUT IT DOESN'T GET ANY WORSE.

I've gone without food from sunrise to sunset every day for over two weeks so far and I'm still alive. And I'm not so afraid. And I even have more energy and think more clearly. And I'm just barely hungry at sundown. And I have all this extra time to do stuff that I used to use up with cooking and eating. Go, me! "Good job, God!"

But I still love to TALK about food. Sushi, enchiladas, pot roast, Pad Thai, apple pie, wontons, curry, peaches, Sizzler, Subway, Chez Pannise, donuts, ice cream, birthday cake -- even spinach. You wanna talk about food? I'm your man!