Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Madame Jane's Halloween prediction: There will be no 2007!

Okay, schmucks. No more Ms. Nice Guy. I've tried to warn you all as subtly as I could that there are psychopaths in charge of the White House and they are hell-bent on blowing up the world. You have ignored my more delicate hints so now I'm going to spell it out for you in plain English.

America has a very important choice to make. We either arrest these hobgoblins now or forget about treats ever again because the tricks they got up their sleeves are gonna be far worse than just getting egged.

Forget about trying to use elections to exocize the Bush-Cheney devils. Bush, Cheney and them need to go directly to jail. RIGHT NOW. Before they start another insane "war" like the last two. If these incubuses are not in the hoosgow by sundown, you can pretty much forget about getting any Snickers or Butterfingers in your pillow cases this Halloween -- and you can also forget about celebrating New Year.

If Bush and Cheney are still being allowed to steal America's candy even after Halloween is over, Madame Jane predicts that 2007 will go the way of Forward Falcon Base.

Unless swift action is taken, Americans might as well dress up as Marie Antoinette for Halloween this year. Bush and Cheney are insane. With them in power, Madame Jane predicts that heads will roll.

Will they be our heads? Yeah. Make your choice. It's them or us.

PS: How do you get Bush and Cheney in jail? Easy. You buy a bus ticket to Washington DC, you walk up the steps of the Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department at 300 Indiana Avenue NW (or you phone them at 202-727-4218) and you file a felony swindling charge against Cheney and Bush. You say, "These two men conned me out of my life savings! There goes my Social Security and my children's college education! I'm ruined!"

Every single man, woman and child in the United States needs to make this call. Right now! We have ALL been swindled by Bush and Cheney's felonious Niger yellow cake bait and switch con and their criminal WMD shell game and they need to be stopped.

Will the DC police be able to ignore 3,000,000 criminal charges against these crooks? Maybe not.