Friday, October 06, 2006

"The Nine" hostages: Nine ways that Bush neo-cons hold America hostage too

There's a new series on television this fall. It's called "The Nine". Here is the plot: Bank robbers force their way into a bank, take hostages by storm, battle it out with the law, get sent to jail and leave the hostages in shock.

Now where have I heard this plot-line before? Did the scriptwriters at ABC steal it -- almost word for word -- off the Bush neo-cons' plot to hold AMERICA hostage? Can we sue ABC for plagiarism? Maybe. Here are nine similarities between the two plots. Judge for yourself.

1. In "The Nine," the bad guys take the hostages by force. Well, the Bush neo-cons didn't exactly use guns and tanks to seize the White House in 2000 but they did use a lot of intimidation, fear tactics and highly-illegal stuff. Can you say "Election fraud"?

2. In "The Nine," a teenager is abused and traumatized. Need I say more? If you were a parent, would YOU allow your teen-aged son to serve as a Congressional page in a Republican-controlled Congress? Hell no. Let these evil perverts run their own errands!

Sorry, Ms. Coulter, but there IS a difference between gay marriage and evil hypocritical lying perverts who use their power to prey on children. And if you can't tell the difference between the two, at least don't flaunt your ignorance in public.

3. In "The Nine," the bad guys try to rob the bank. In real life, American taxpayers get robbed.

4. In "The Nine," people are killed and there is a lot of blood. The Bush neo-cons can easily top that! If they hadn't seized our government by force (See # 1), over 300,000 people who have died violent deaths since 2000 would be alive right now.

The Bush era will be forever remembered because of the blood.

5. In "The Nine," one woman dies from lack of medical care. Sounds like America under the Bush neo-cons to me. Think Katrina if nothing else.

6. In "The Nine," an ordinary man is the hero. Only ordinary people will save America too.

7. In "The Nine," the robbers don't really care what happens to the hostages -- as long as they get their loot. Bush and them could care less about Americans either. We are just a means to an end -- the money.

8. In "The Nine," the robbers are NOT polite. They use all kinds of intimidation on the poor hostages. In real life, the Bush neo-cons have their new torture laws. The Bill of Rights no longer protects us from out-of-control thugs. Are YOU scared of what the neo-cons now have the power to do to us? I am.

9. In "The Nine," all the hostages are traumatized after the hostage crisis is finally over. In America, how long will it take US to recover from what the Bush neo-cons have done? And I'm not just talking about the soldiers without arms and legs or the mothers whose sons would be alive right now if Bush and them hadn't held us hostage. I'm talking about -- you fill in the blanks.

The WTC would never have happened because Gore would have heeded the warnings. We would not be 400 billion dollars poorer because of the fiascoes in Afghanistan and Iraq. The world wouldn't hate us. Our children wouldn't be dumb as posts and preyed upon by perverts. So many of our jobs wouldn't have disappeared. Remember when gasoline was affordable? Thanks to the Bush neo-con hostage crisis, our economy is broken. Our sense of worth has been sullied. Our laws have been raped....

It will take a decade for America to recover from being held hostage by Bush -- if we're lucky.

Well, I've listed nine similarities between a TV show and real life. But I can think of one more possible similarity. In the TV series, the bad guys end up in jail....