Sunday, October 15, 2006

Iran the video: Bush is confusing real war with PlayStation!

George, when you play those combat-simulation video games that the Pentagon loans you and you make a mistake, the "Game Over" sign flashes.

Real war isn't like that.

Maybe "Shock and Awe Over Baghdad" might have seemed to you like a new Xbox 360 release because Iraq had no air force to fight back with and the Iraqi shopkeepers and schoolchildren were pretty much sitting ducks. Basically, "Shock and Awe" was an arcade game.

But if you start using your joystick on Iran, George, it ain't gonna be like that. Do you really think that "War with Iran" is gonna be Level One? Don't be naive.

So. You ignore your mother's restrictions on playing video games on a school night, you switch on your PlayStation 4 and you launch missiles and drones at Iran. But then Iran fires back! Iran doesn't just sit there waiting for you to reload. Iran knocks your guys right out of the sky! And then the E.U., Russia and China jump in. This is no longer a video game, George. This is REAL danger. This is REAL war. Have you thought about that?

Here is some good advice for you, Mr. Bush: Forget about God Hand, Dawn of War, Half Life, Call of Duty, Battlefield 2, World WarCraft and Lego Star Wars II. Best that you stick with Donkey Kong. Declaring war on the Democrats is much more on your level of skills.