Monday, April 25, 2005

Jordan's Law: Please ask Congress to regulate sleazy programs that abuse children

I just got an urgent phone call from someone else who is trying to help rescue the thousands of children who are currently being held captive at various "Behavior Modification" child-endangering programs secretly located in the nooks and crannies of outback America. Over the phone, he sounded totally excited.

"Representative George Miller has finally introduced a bill in Congress to try to regulate these places," he told me. Tears filled my eyes. At last, I prayed, these horrible places will finally get busted!

Rep. Miller calls his bill the “End Institutional Abuse Against Children Act.” I just think of it as "Jordan's Law". This bill comes too late to help Jordan but hopefully it will help other children -- some of the thousands of children whose parents can now spend their $4,000 a month on other things besides paying to have someone else abuse their child.

Forget that! Pay ME $4,000 a month and I'll build your kid's self-esteem, bail him or her out of jail, feed him or her Girl Scout cookies, pat him or her on the head when he or she does good and have him or her speaking FRENCH. For $4,000 a month, I'll even get your kid into Harvard Law School!

Why is this bill too late for Jordan? After almost a YEAR of trying, I finally got to talk with Jordan the other day. He had been completely brainwashed. All he could do was repeat over and over in a dazed monotone, "My parents love me. I was wrong to hurt them." Is having a brainwashed clone with absolutely no thoughts of his own worth paying out $48,000 a year for? I DON'T THINK SO.

The fault for child abuse at these programs cannot lie solely with the programs. Some of the blame must go to the parents who send their kids there; parents who had acquired their children the same way that one might adopt a dog or a cat. "Oh, isn't it cute! I want one too!" And then after being an "owner" is no longer fun, these parents ship their kids off to "behavior modification" programs just like pets are sent off to the humane society when they become inconvenient. And raising a teen is REALLY inconvenient! But if you do it well, they will come visit you when you are in the rest home and that is worth the effort.

Information about Rep. Miller's bill can be viewed at Please write your own representive at and ask him or her to support this bill!

You can get more information than you ever even wanted to know about these sleazy places at