Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Why Bush talks about freedom so much: He doesn't have any!

It was Sunday. My daughter and I had made plans to go up to Tilden Park and walk in the woods but we were lazy and running late and didn't get to it until after dark. We ended up walking around Jewel Lake in the moonlight. It was magical.

Can you imagine poor sorry George Bush doing something like that?

First, he would have had to schedule it months in advance and get a permission slip from Karl Rove. Then he'd have to have the whole region scouted out by his secret police.

Park officials would have to be notified.

The bullet-proof limo would have to be trotted out.

The path around Jewel Lake would have to be paved.

In the end, 800 policemen and 2,000 troops would have to accompany him.

No wonder Bush always talks about Freedom! He mentioned Freedom 26 times in his inaugural speech. But between me and George Bush, which one of us do you think is most free?

Bush wanted that White house job so badly that he was willing to commit election fraud TWICE to get it. And now he's stuck with it, trapped as surely as Saddam Hussein in his spider hole. Do I feel sorry for him?


PS: Actually, this is a question of semantics. When most people refer to Freedom, we are talking about warm and fuzzy patriotic stuff like "The land of the free and the home of the brave." When our George talks about Freedom, he is talking about his freedom to gouge American taxpayers.