Sunday, February 27, 2005

Can George Bush say under oath, "I never had sex with that man..."

What possibly could be more sleazy than having the Clinton/Lewinsky affair shoved in our faces daily from the front page of the New York Times? Suddenly our children were learning new words that they had never heard before. Gross.

Now our children are learning even MORE facts of life, thanks to George W. Bush. "Military escort" is taking on a whole new meaning for them. "Mommy, what exactly does a male prostitute do?"

Here's a photo of George Bush salivating over his "protege" Jeff Gannon, another White House intern. Will George Bush be able to state under oath, "I never had sex with that man"?

This Gannon affair is truly sleazy and should probably not even be discussed in public. So why am I dragging all this trash up from the gutter? Because I, as an American citizen, need to know that the kind of behavior that was sanctioned by Bush at Abu Ghraib will no longer be originating in the Oval Office -- or in the Lincoln Bedroom.

I want the White House to be a symbol of respect and dignity again.

Another lesson I have learned from the Gannon affair is this: Republican leaders are not raising a hue and cry over Jeff Gannon like they did over Lewinsky/Clinton. REPUBLICAN LEADERS are not objecting to homosexual pornography in the White House! But why should they? Judging from their behavior, many of them seem to think it is a good idea.

It appears that all too many Republican leaders don't object to homosexuality per se; they only object to gay MARRIAGE. Apparently, they aren't going to be happy until everyone is back in the closet where they "belong" -- just like in the good old days when J. Edgar Hoover dressed up in his pink chiffon tutus. For them, gay marriage is too...normal!

From what I can see, most Republican leaders -- gay or strait -- appear to revel in secrecy, clandestine operations and intrigue. Repubs seem to LOVE intrigue. That's why they invented the CIA, revel in Skull and Bones and hate the Bill of Rights. For them, DEMOCRACY is a bad thing -- and homosexuality only becomes a sin, a crime and an abomination if one steps out of the closet!

I myself forgive George Bush. He is a human being under God -- and what he does with his sex life is his business. But shilling for prostitutes and encouraging deviants -- whether in Abu Ghraib or in the White House Press Corps -- has got to stop.


From "Amy Goes to Tibet": In Lhasa, Tibet, the Potola Palace is respected and revered. The American White House, however, has been sold to the highest bidder. [Exerpt from Amy Goes to Tibet:] Then we went to the Potala Palace and it was everything I had ever imagined and far, far more. I was so excited, I even crossed myself. I could have lived there forever. Worldly goods and desires melted away.

"Ma, this way," said my son, pulling me out of my trance. The statue of the Fifth Dalai Lama, the beautifully painted and draped thankas, the butter lamps, the pilgrims -- it was everything I had ever imagined.