Thursday, January 13, 2005

GIVING THE SHRUB THE ULTIMATE SNUB: Turn off your TV on January 20 (and keep it off too)

I'm tired of being an e-mail guerrilla in the media wars!

While George Bush spends billions of dollars on advertising himself as a hero using high-tech equipment that would make any self-respecting geek's mouth water to push his defective product down America's throat, I run a jankity one-woman operation on a computer I bought used three years ago with ANTS on my keyboard while sitting in a tiny unheated cubby off of my living room that my landlord jokingly referred to as a "Dining Nook".

In between cooking dinner, occasionally interacting with my family if they're lucky, going to work and watching reality shows (Go Missy Elliott!), I try and try and try to point out to America that we are being LIED TO.

There is only one of me. There are 280 million of you. This is a daunting task. But, dag nab it, what else am I supposed to do? Bush and his corporate welfare queens are gobbling OUR country alive. Am I supposed to sit back and watch?

Bush is our poster boy. The media tells us so. But like Thomas Jefferson said, "When the Government fears the People, there is Liberty: but when the People fear the Government, there is tyranny." Are Bush and his corporate welfare queens afraid of Americans? Ha!

It's time for Americans to stop being cowards.

On January 20, overcome your fear factor, guys. Turn your television off and KEEP IT OFF. (Except of course for Wednesdays at 8 pm on UPN).