Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Buddhist, Muslim, Christian and Jew: Good job, God!

"The Nicaean Creed says Jesus was born, He was crucified and He was resurrected," someone just pointed out to me. "But no one mentions what He was doing during all those years in between." So. Matthew and Luke weren't good investigative reporters after all?

I love religion. I love the fact that so many decent human beings -- even while their leaders wallow in the mud of war -- reach out for something better; that we have systems of beliefs based on the spirituality of our souls; that Man is basically good -- or at least redeemable. That's deep.

"I think Jesus went to India during His missing years and while He was there, he studied Buddhism." That would explain where He got all that "turn the other cheek" stuff. Plus Jesus was a rabbi. He got that from the Jews.

Then Mohammed came along and learned from Jesus and the Jews. That means four of the world's great religions have the same roots. Good job, God!

Knowing that all four religions advocate peace on earth -- and anybody who says otherwise needs to be sent back to Sunday (or Friday) school -- I have developed the hair-brained scheme that if I only honor and practice all four religions -- going on sort of a religious job interview -- I can help bring about world peace.

I was born a Christian. In the 1970s I became a Buddhist, a Muslim and a Jew. "How'd you do that?" It was easy. I was an idealist. I wanted to know God. I wanted to do good.

So. I have my job resume. I have my dress clothes. I'm all set for my interview. Here's the job description: To make it my life-long occupation to go on a holy pilgrimage to the heart of four of the world's greatest religions: To go to Rome and Jerusalem and Tibet and Bethlehem and Mecca. And to pray for peace and love and understanding for our poor be-leaguered world.

You should too.


Next stop, Mecca! The Hajj happens once a year when millions of pilgrims from all around the world go to this holy place. This year the Hajj will be from December 30, 2005 to January 1, 2006. I plan to be there! Anybody got an extra ticket?

Did you know there is a Mecca Hilton? Yep. $64 a night.