Sunday, January 09, 2005

George Bush the Actor: Understanding the disconnect between what we see and what we get

For years now, I've been waiting for George Bush to hesitate, to show some shame or remorse.

"We have brought freedom and democracy to Afghanistan and Iraq," says George. I keep waiting for him to break down and cry at the tragic untruth of this statement -- or even to laugh at this joke -- but he never does. Could he be a male Stepford Wife?

Half the nation hates George Bush -- yet on TV, he is perky, actually perky. He's like a political version of June Cleaver! How can a man bomb 10,000 civilians one day and glad-hand church ladies the next? How does he do it?

He's an actor.

Here's an example: Bush gets up in front of the TV cameras and badmouths frivolous lawsuits. AND he sues a rental car company for damages in one of his daughters' fender-bender where no one was hurt. Can't he see the contradiction?

Example two: He speaks to America about "Clean Air" but the reality is that America's air is now polluted, putrefied and cancerous thanks to George Bush.

Example three: "Our economy is booming!" sez George, just as the value of the dollar drops through the basement floor.

Example four: Bush gets in front of the cameras and plays the role of President like he is the star of West Wing or something but, in actuality, unimpeachable documentation in New Mexico, Florida, Ohio, etc. shows that Bush only "won" the 2004 election by use of massive vote fraud. Plus accurate exit polls clearly indicate that Kerry won.

How does Bush keep up this charade? How does he live with himself? Easy. He is an actor. Leonardo DiCaprio, in real life, is NOT Howard Hughes. He hangs up that persona when he walks off the set. It's the same with George Bush.

When we watch Bush glad-handing women and children on TV -- and Karl Rove makes sure that we see this benign image 24/7 (You can't even turn on the TV and not see Big Brother George) -- and then wonder at the terrible disconnect between what we see and what we get, please remember that our George is an actor.

Like when O.J. Simpson was the kindly spokesperson for Hertz rent-a-car, Bush is now the kindly spokesperson for America. And, like Simpson, Americans have found Bush "not guilty" of what he does off-camera.

With George Bush, reality doesn't matter. It's all an act.

PS: Sometimes I think that having to watch Bush on TV 24/7 is Karl Rove's way of torturing American dissidents. And his diabolical plan is working too! You want me to confess to supporting the Bill of Rights or being fond of the Sixth Commandment? I'll talk! "Ask me anything! I'll name names! Only, please! No more George Bush!"