Thursday, January 20, 2005

Barricaded in the White House, GWB discovers that Election Fraud is still the issue...

Can you imagine George Washington's inaugural parade? Bet he didn't have a whole battalion of snipers on the roofs of the parade route to protect him from irate citizens! Bet he didn't have to wear a bullet-proof vest because he was terrified of American voters. Bet he didn't have to pay 2,500 troops and officers from 70 police departments to keep hundreds of thousands of unhappy citizens subdued.

I bet that George Washington didn't have to cancel tours of the presidential residence because he was afraid of American tourists.

We've come a long way, Dubya!

No matter what the Republicans tell us or who they claim is the president, it is obvious to the average US citizen that Bush is NOT popular here -- and election fraud is still the issue.

Speaking of election fraud, I had lunch the other day with an expert on voting machines. "Diebold and ES&S used several techniques to steal the election, " he said, "but the most obvious one was the use of batteries. How can Americans put a man on the moon yet not be able to invent a battery that lasts more than six hours?" Huh?

"According to this ES&S brochure, their voting machine batteries need to be changed every six hours. This is really convenient. It means that ES&S technicians are required to come in and fiddle with the machines."

Why after six hours? "If the votes are tampered with earlier, it won't look realistic. With 8% more Democrats in America than Republicans, a landslide would look suspicious. So the votes must be tampered with AFTER a certain amount of votes have already been cast. It was easy to doctor three million votes. They just turned a switch at the end of six hours." Interesting. Where was the Energizer Bunny when we needed him?

The expert showed me the ES&S brochure. It read, "Up to six hours of continuous precinct counter operation is delivered by a maintenance-free, sealed battery charged by an internal power supply." Makes it sound really good, doesn't it?

Then the expert pulled out some statistics. You can't be a REAL expert without statistics. "In Florida, 1,845,866 voters were registered as Republicans and 1,982,210 were registered as Democrats." And yet Bush won? Yeah right.

"But here's how you can prove that the crime actually happened. The expected Republican vote was 1,337,242. The actual vote was 1,950,213. The expected Democratic vote was 1,432,425. Their actual vote was 1,445,675. How come the Democratic estimate was essentially correct but the Republican estimate was some 600,000 votes wrong?" How can you explain this, given the data? "Even with issues like abortion and gay marriage thrown in, it doesn't explain the discrepancy."

The expert and I finished our lunch. It was a great lunch. Broiled tuna and lamb meatballs and date and almond ice cream. Lunch was finished. But election fraud continues. And Bush knows about it. He knows he did wrong. How does he know? If HE ever wanted to go to a restaurant or even run down to the 7-11 for ice cream, he couldn't. Not without a panzer division to protect him. Because a whole bunch of Americans know that their votes were stolen and they are angry about it.

And true Americans are NOT about to give George Bush a free lunch.