Thursday, December 30, 2004

Election fraud: Ignored by everyone -- even Ripley's Believe it or Not!

While I was on vacation, I talked with people from all over America. "I have here in my hand," I told them, "absolute proof that George Bush stole the 2004 election."

No one wanted to see my proof.

No one even cared.

If I had made this outrageous statement to George Washington or Thomas Jefferson, they would have ripped the documents right out of my hand in their haste to get to the truth. "What do you mean -- election fraud? That's a serious accusation. Can you REALLY prove it? Either show us some real proof or shut up about it."

If I were a patriotic American and someone offered to show ME proof that a US presidential election had been stolen, I would want to see it. Is this actually true or is this person some kind of nut or kook?

Americans all want to find out more about Ripley's two-headed calf. But what about the strange case of the stolen 2004 election? It is possibly an even bigger scandal than that Bush was warned at least 28 times about an attack on America prior to 9-11. It is the Mount Rushmore of chicanery, the amazing shrunken head of deceit, the Grand Canyon of skulduggery and the two-ton pizza of voter fraud.

So. What was the reaction of the average American when I promised them all this irrefutable PROOF of massive voter fraud? "Ho hum. That's boring. Let's talk about something else." This is the most shocking accusation ever made and NO ONE IS INTERESTED.

"Please!" I begged Americans. "If you care about honesty and decency and the soul of America, please just read this!" They sighed, shook their heads, looked inconvenienced and fervently hoped that I would just shut up and go away.

"Five convicted felons wrote the Diebold software!" I cried. "EVERY SINGLE ONE of the thousands of errors detected on Florida voting machines were in favor of George Bush! Private companies sworn to elect Bush counted 80% of America's votes! In at least ten Ohio precincts with only 600 registered voters each, 4,000 per precinct voted for Bush!"

Even though every word of what I say about the 2004 stolen election can be proved, no one believes me. No one listens to me. No one cares.

This response by Americans is so strange, so weird, so truly bizarre that is deserves to be published in Ripley's Believe it or Not!

Not to mention that two (2) stolen US presidential elections in a row should surely make the Guinness Book of World Records.