Friday, December 10, 2004

Beyond Neverland: What to do AFTER we've deposed of GWB Hook

No, I'm not identifying with Peter Pan these days because America has become NeverNeverLand. I identify with Peter Pan because I'm just a little guy up against the Prince of Darkness. "Jane! Don't you know that all your efforts aren't doing any good? You are just one little person up against a 100-trillion-dollar mob. Give it up!"


I'll just think happy thoughts, cover myself with pixie dust and keep dreaming of a better world. If accepting wholesale slaughter, corporate welfare corruption and the loss of democracy is the price of growing up, forget it! I'm never going to grow up.

I'm gonna crow and crow and crow.

So. Everybody knows that my short-range goal is to see George Bush in jail. I want to see a mug shot of him wearing an orange jump suit. But what is my long-range goal?

I want more good stuff for Americans -- and the rest of the human race as well -- than even Peter Pan could imagine. But, more important, I want to rescue the ONE BILLION lost boys of the world.

As a friend recently pointed out, "Jane, did you ever think that you might be obsessed?"

Oh yeah. Tinkerbell has nothing on me.

It's time for the human race to evolve beyond Captain Hook -- beyond the unbelievable cruelty and greed of the raider-killers, corporate welfare queens, blood-thirsty "Christians" who won't be happy until they have blown up the world and the ONE BILLION children who, according to UNICEF, are growing up in such grubby horror that we, the parents of the world, should be truly ashamed.

A vision of a world where all children are wanted, nurtured, protected and loved -- that's something to crow about. That's the magic pixie dust we need. Plus it's cheaper than depleted uranium -- and it allows us to fly.

How do we get there? Second star to the right? No. Read John Gray's book "Children are From Heaven".and apply what you learn.

Children come into this world as angels, wanting nothing more than to be of help. It's time we stop twisting them into pirates and crocodiles. It's time for GWB Hook to crawl back under a rock. And it's time for the Peter Pan in all of us to start demanding a better world.

I want the ideal world that is the dream of Jesus and Buddha. And it seems to me that, given our wealth and technology, ALL OF US can have it. Even the totally lost boys who are now running our Congress, White House and Penatgon.


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