Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Why are Confederate cult Christians BRAGGING about the rape of Fallugah?

"American troops took Fallugah by storm this week," bragged the evening news. "Airplanes strafed insurgents and tanks rolled through the streets."

Why would people who actually call themselves Christians want to make the rape of Fallugah sound like a GOOD thing? You would think, after reading the teachings of Jesus every day like they claim to do, that they would have the good grace to shut up about it.


Every night before we go to bed, let us take a minute to pray for George Bush's dead...
in Afghanistan, Israel, New York, Iraq, Palestine, Sudan, Nigeria, Columbia, Arlington...

Last week a friend of mine found the decomposed body of a poverty-stricken and ill old man in her back yard -- where he had gone to curl up and die.

America can -- and must -- do better.


California can legally quit:
My personal project is to start an intuitive to have California return to being the Bear Flag Republic. We don't have to secede. We just have to nullify our contract with the Bush White House because they violated said contract. They are NOT protecting us. To hell with them. Does anyone out there know how to start an initiative process in California? Tell me! I'm on it! (As soon as I get back from my holiday vacation, January 1, 2005: Great New Year's resolution!)