Friday, November 05, 2004

The Electoral College blues: What we get after the red states bankrupt America

Why are the blue states paying for the red states' crazy spending sprees?

Like uncontrolled pre-teens at a shopping mall, red states with credit cards in hand are running up so much debt on our blue state Mastercard that we both are going under.

Who gave the red states OUR credit card? The Electoral College did it. That's identity theft!

Isn't it about time that the Electoral College got sent back to school to take a civics lesson in "Proportional Representation".

Without the blue states, the red states' bank account would be a joke. Yet it is the teenybopper red states and their bumbling, greedy, blood-thirsty leaders that are dragging us parent blue states around by the ear.

Another sad but true story: The more that blood-thirsty red state leaders orchestrate the massacre of Middle Eastern women and children, the more blue states become endangered. Blue states are fully aware that red state politicians can yell, "Na na ne na ne na" from behind their mother's skirts all they want but it was the Twin Towers, not the Alamo, that got bombed.


Red States Feed at Federal Trough, Blue States Supply the Feed

The National Debt Clock: Americans now owe $7,455,244,307,566.87. That's $25,296.03 each

From the Minneapolis Star Tribune, November 4, 2004: Republicans have proposed that the debt ceiling be raised by $690 billion to $8.074 trillion, an amount that would get the government through next September, when the 2005 budget year ends.

Steal an election once, shame on you. Steal an election twice...
Evidence of vote hacking:
Find out what you can do about vote fraud: CASE Ohio, Citizens' Alliance for Secure Elections

Exit poll graph: Here is an incredibly shocking graph from my friend Bob regarding exit poll info versus electronic voting results. My jaw just dropped!

From Yahoo News: Machine error gives Bush extra Ohio votes

More Yahoo: ATLANTA - A national voting rights group said Friday it documented hundreds of voting irregularities affecting poor and minority voters in seven Southern states — from long lines and faulty equipment to deliberate voter intimidation.

Vote with your money: From Michael Ruppert:

From Mike: Make your one voice a growing part of a crowd of voices...all shouting against the deception, fraud, theft and evil doers right here at home first...then just take your vacation to anywhere but in a Red products made anywhere but a Red state...and maybe even just buy things from France, Canada or New Zealand instead of moving there...

Also from Mike: [Forget about Canada or New Zealand! Move to a red state! Berkeley already has its priorities straight. The red states NEED us!] Move to a soft Red state and change the dynamics of ALL elections in that state as well as the results of future national elections...