Monday, October 11, 2004

My "I gave at the office" approach to paying federal income tax

Yesterday the mayor of our fair city spelled it out to us. "The feds have cut funding to the State of California by 21 billion dollars. The state then makes up its losses by having the cities pay. Our city is now heavily in debt. We have to make that money up from somewhere if we are to keep operating."

The mayor then suggested taxing utility bills, raising property taxes and initiating a real estate transfer tax.

I have a better idea.

Let's tax the IRS!

For every dollar that local taxes have been raised since George Bush took over the Oval Office, let's take that off our federal income tax (perhaps as a contribution to charity -- such as donating to the Billionaires' Club?) And we could give our refund checks to our cities -- the ones who are REALLY providing us with services these days.

When I went to the "bargain" matinee at the movies on Sunday, it cost me seven whole dollars! That's a tax. According to economists, inflation is a tax that benefits the government. We're paying that tax. Let's deduct the difference between our real income in 2000 and our real income now off of our 1040 forms. Why? Because we already gave at the office! And at the grocery store and at the gas pump and at the assessor's office and.... You get the idea.

"But we need that money to pay for Homeland Security!" cries Mr. Bush. Fine. 9-11 happened on your watch, George. YOU pay for it.