Saturday, August 28, 2004

Report from New York City: Is this going to be another Summer of Love?

I thought that New York during the RNC would be a good place to see the latest fashions in riot gear. But wouldn't it be wonderful if a miracle took place and all the 50,000 Repubs and the 250,000 "demonstrators" all just got along? Good grief! Well, after all, we used to be one nation.

What if Mayor Bloomberg drugged the water? What if, instead of getting beat over the head by New York's finest and by power-tripping Repubs, we all just loved and laughed and told jokes and smiled? All the Green party guys and the illegal aliens and the Republican greeter girls and the blue-haired ladies and the cops and those guys in three-piece suits and the middle-aged hippies such as myself -- all suddenly discovered their American-ness? And we all stood around and sang the Star-Spangled banner off key and shook hands and hugged!

Wouldn't Bush and Rove be pissed off.