Wednesday, August 11, 2004

In the name of Jesus, PLEASE revoke GWB's license to kill.

In the name of Jesus, I can't stand it any more. How many MORE people will our government blow up and maim and kill? Thousands dead? Tens of thousands dead? Hundreds of thousands dead? Millions dead?

When will my country's armies stop the killing in Iraq? When will they finally say, "We have won the war on Iraq." When every man, woman and child in that country is dead?

Yesterday Muqtada al-Sadr put out an impassioned plea to the nations of the world. "Help my country. They're killing us one by one." American top brass look down their noses at this man and go on killing and killing and killing -- as if Jesus Himself gave them the right to open a butcher shop in Iraq.

Where is the moral imperative, where is the moral justification for thousands and thousands and thousands of deaths? Ask Hitler. Ask Stalin. Ask George W. Bush. There is none.

Here's a scary on-the-scene report from Robert Fisk -- all that butchery in Iraq and the Bush gang is STILL not winning the "war":