Monday, August 02, 2004

Choosing Iraq over America? That's traitor talk.

Suppose some hot-spit economist pointed out to you that America couldn't afford the war on Iraq? "These figures in this column here indicate that..." That what? That if America continues to indiscriminately run up her credit card debt in Iraq, we are soon going to get a rather ugly visit from the repo man.

At the rate that the math-challenged party-boys in the White House continue to pour America's paychecks into Iraq, we will soon be bankrupt, have no armed forces at home to defend us and our children will be as dumb as posts.

If you had to chose between America and Iraq, which would you chose? I would chose America! To chose Iraq over our country? That's traitor talk.

If you had to chose between losing the American Dream because the installment payments on "Operation Iraqi Freedom" are going to leave us living in our car -- and letting the Iraqis battle it out between themselves without us, which would you chose?

"But," you might say, "The war on Iraq is over!" I am willing to bet you one hundred twenty five billion dollars -- plus $180,000 a minute ( plus the145,000 American soldiers now stationed there -- that it is not.

"But," you might say, "our pride is at stake here. We can't afford to lose the war on Iraq!" You will need a better argument than that. We have already lost the war on Iraq. We lost it before the Bush Gang even fired a shot. We lost it the day that America was told to spend a trillion dollars on bombs instead of schools.

According to Jim Hightower, just one of the bribes that Bush offered Turkey to join the Iraq war was larger than the entire funding of "No Child Left Behind".

In the future, guys, let's get our priorities straight. Our country is AMERICA. Not Iraq.

From Global Research: "Is a USA Economic Collapse Due in 2005?" by F. William Engdahl. "[Bush and Greenspan's] only short-term goal has been to keep the US economy strong enough to assure re-election [sic] for George Bush in November."

From Truthout: White House Posts Highest Deficit in US History

From Busby Berkeley: This week, we checked "Gold Diggers of 1935" out of the library (The BPL is now closed on Sundays for the first time in 60 years by the way) and got to watch Ginger Rogers sing "We're in the Money" in pig-Latin! This movie is a jewel. It's got all kinds of tips and tricks on how to survive George Bush's gift to America -- the Great Post-Iraq Depression of 2005.