Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Time to unmask: No more COVID tricks after Halloween!

     Way back in 1594, Christoper Marlowe's famous play Dr. Faustus opened in London to critical acclaim.  Audiences loved it.  The plot was simple.  Dr. Faustus sells his soul to the Devil in order to gain power and fame.  But things no longer work that way today.  The Devil that we are dealing with in these modern times no longer wears flowing red capes or even carries a pitchfork.  Today's Devil is far more suave than that.  Today's Devil takes the form of Big Pharma and advertises on TV.
     And here and now, in the year 2020, it appears to be Dr. Fauci who is selling his soul to the Devil.
  Snap out of it, Dr. Fauci!  Read the freaking Cliff Notes on Marlowe's famous play.  Things are bound to end badly for you too.  And for the rest of us as well.  
     COVID may be Dr. Fauci's royal road to power and fame right now -- but is it really worth the price of his soul?  And the price of ours too as we sell out the lives of our children for a bit of illusion that we ourselves will be kept safe from a media-induced scourge with only a 0.2 (at most) death rate that pretty much only kills unhealthy people with co-morbidities or people forced onto ventilators?  Arrgh!

     With regard to COVID right now, there is a whole bunch of scientific and statistical data out there that proves beyond a doubt that, for anyone who is healthy, having COVID is no worse than having a bad cold.  But apparently nobody these days wants to know the actual science.  All too many adults seem to actually like wearing masks.  All too many of us seem to have sold our souls to the Big Pharma devil too, science be damned.  We grieve for the victims of COVID of course, but must we destroy so many more lives with this lock-down?  Marlowe's Lucifer would be so proud of Dr.Fauci -- and proud of us too.

     Hey, you guys.  Snap out of it!

Let's give ourselves until the end of Halloween night to get down to business, get as much fresh air, exercise and sunshine as possible, eat only healthy unprocessed food, read all the data, check out all the graphs and charts, see how well Sweden is doing without that dreaded Lock-Down which, if allowed to continue, will eventually cause the death of every ninth person on the planet -- and then let's dress up like Spider-Man or Cleopatra, eat a whole bunch of candy (just this once), turn off our televisions, re-program our brains and take all our freaking masks off by November 1. 

     Sorry, Big Pharma.  "Get behind me, Satan!"


Here's the plot of the original Faustus play:

Must-read summary of the true science behind COVID:

And it's always a good idea to warn us about Bill Gates' nefarious plans which will cause the death of approximately one/ninth of us:

Holy cow!  There's only been 28 hospitalizations for COVID in all of Sweden lately: 

Scroll down to Dr. Jeanmonod's eight take-home messages in "Do you Remember a Winter Without a Cold?":
And, yes, our Republi-Dem leaders' soul-selling COVID policy isn't their only murderous failure.  Our "leaders" are still making a tragic mess of the Middle East as well:


Stop Wall Street and War Street (and Big Pharma) from destroying our world.   And while you're at it, please buy my books.