Tuesday, September 08, 2020

The fire this time: California is in grave danger -- but not from COVID
        The skies over Berkeley are infused with an eerie and somber orange-yellow malaise, it's darker than twilight, the street lights just went on and you can hardly see the sun even at high noon -- as millions of acres burn across our wonderful state.  Makes me want to cry.  And yet everyone here is totally focused on COVID, a disease with a 99.6 survival rate.  We have much bigger things to worry about than COVID right now, guys! 

Plus it's been months since we got any kind of financial relief from this screwed-up lock-down -- and yet our leaders still manage to find billion$ per month to spend on murdering women and children in Syria.

     Why aren't we being bombarded with relief money instead?  And why aren't Americans completely pissed off? 
From the tweeter feed of Ivor Cummins, more on T cells:

Dr Michael Levitt’s twitter feed has a whole bunch of good items,


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