Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Vote flipping: How come Beto SUDDENLY lost?

      There we all were, all 5,000 of us, gathered together in Chihuahua stadium in El Paso, Texas -- getting ready to celebrate victory for Beto O'Rouke.  It seemed like a sure thing.  "It's neck and neck," the news commentators had just told us, "only with Beto a little bit ahead."

     No problem.  The only votes left to be counted came from El Paso, a Democrat stronghold and Beto's home town.  "We got this," everyone said.  Well.  Everyone was wrong.

     Suddenly, from out of nowhere, Ted Cruz had won!  "Fool me once, shame on me.  Fool me twice, shame on you."  How could Texas voters possibly be foolish enough to RE-elect Ted Cruz!  It just didn't make sense.

     And Beto is too nice a guy not to concede.  

     And here's me, in the crowd, screaming "DEMAND A RECOUNT!!!!"  But no one was listening.  Everyone was crying too hard.  Even me.

Image result for jane stillwater     And now I'm completely heartbroken.  Six more years of that Addams Family wannabe?  The O.G. himself?  We're doomed.  Texas is doomed.  America is doomed.

     If Cruz had lost, he would have shrugged his shoulders and said, "Fine.  I'll just go live in the Caymans and count all those millions I scored from all those lobbyists.  Fine."  

     But this is never to be.  And now myself and all of El Paso are heartbroken.  Goodbye cruel world.  I'm giving up politics forever.  It's just too painful to watch evil people win and good people lose -- again and again and again.

     So here's my next question.  Why do Americans allow their elections to be stolen again and again and again?  Are they just stoopid -- or merely brainwashed?  Or don't they even care?


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