Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Pittsburgh & Gaza vs. the Holocaust industry

     Author's note:  I started writing this article on the Nazi Holocaust industry over a month ago, long before the tragic horror of the Pittsburgh synagogue hate crime stunned our nation.  I'm not sure where to take it from here.  From Auschwitz to Gaza to Pittsburgh, I just keep getting more and more horrified by man's inhumanity to man.

       There's a very famous Nazi Holocaust museum in Washington DC right now.  There's an excellent Nazi Holocaust museum in Terre Haute, Indiana, of all places.  There's one in St. Petersburg, Florida.  There's a Nazi Holocaust center and a Nazi Holocaust memorial in San Francisco too. 

      There's also a Nazi Holocaust museum in New York City, El Paso, Tucson, Atlanta, New Orleans, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Miami, Ann Arbor, Boston, Maine, Mississippi, St. Louis, Albuquerque, Nebraska, Cincinnati, Portland, Philadelphia, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Milwaukee and Virginia.  There's even one here in my own home town.

     And it seems like approximately every tenth film made in Hollywood involves a Nazi Holocaust story.  And PBS seems to feature at least one Nazi Holocaust-themed program a week.

    However, members of the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh never needed a memorial to the grim Nazi Holocaust to remind them of what it is like to be a refugee, a victim of persecution, a stranger in a strange land.  They only had to remember what happened to their own parents or grandparents back in Nazi Germany -- or what happened in their very own synagogue last week. 

     Members of the Tree of Life Synagogue have created their very own Nazi Holocaust memorial -- in their hearts.

     These observant Jews weren't just satisfied with honoring past Nazi Holocaust victims.  They also wanted to help people who are currently trapped in their own modern-day Holocausts as well.  "Never forget."  And they haven't. 

     By helping living refugees from today's modern Holocausts find a better, safer way of life, they have memorialized the past by honoring the present and the future.

      And for their humane and compassionate perspective regarding the plight of victims of the world's many new Holocausts, some neo-Nazi madman gunned 11 of them down in cold blood.

     But over in Israel, things are quite different.  The whole idea of compassion and of holding out a helping hand to victims of mass murder and genocide?  That idea apparently came to a total dead stop back in 1946.  Far too many Israelis today seem to have totally forgotten what it was like during the Nazi Holocaust -- even despite all the museums, books, movies and hype.  Israelis, even though they have become the top CEOs of the current Holocaust industry, seem to be the ones who have forgotten the Nazi Holocaust most.

     "Never forget."  Never forget what it was like to be hunted, slaughtered, worked to death, starved to death, thrown into concentration camps, gassed and buried in mass unmarked graves.  Yet in Israel, all that stuff has already been completely forgotten.  And the American military-industrial complex also supports building and maintaining as many Nazi Holocaust museums as possible over here too -- but never, ever supports the true spirit of preventing rabid Holocausts in the future

     Let's take the current bloody and inhuman Holocaust in Gaza for example.  The only real difference between the past chilling Nazi Holocaust at Auschwitz and the current chilling Israeli Holocaust at Gaza is that the Nazis who murdered Jews by the thousands did it with gas chambers -- and then hauled their victims' dead bodies off to mass unmarked graves.

     Victims of the Gaza Holocaust, however, are mostly slaughtered by bombs dropped from 10,000 feet in the air.  Israelis don't even have to get their hands dirty with burying the dead.

     How easily it appears to be for so many Americans and Israelis these days to forget what it was like to be actual victims of the horrors of mass extermination -- even despite all their Nazi Holocaust films and museums.  The people of Gaza, however, are never being allowed to forget.

     So.  Now let's get philosophical here for a moment, okay?  What exactly is the point of having governments anyway?  To constantly create even more and better genocidal Holocausts and to turn its citizens into madmen and killing machines?  I think not. 

     The philosopher Aristotle once stated that the purpose of government is to create broad opportunities that allow every one of its citizens to have every chance to live up to their fullest potential. 

     At this point in time, however, both America and Israel seem to be creating more than their fair share of opportunities to create even bigger and more horrid Holocausts like the ones in Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Libya, Afghanistan, Congo, Chile and Yemen -- and also to breed more and more violent bigots. 

     In Israel, its citizens are strongly encouraged to become violent bigots -- while Palestinians are being offered only two choices.  Either they can become obsequious slaves to the state until they die alone and afraid -- or else be forced to rebel.

     And here in America as well, the fine art of creating fully-realized human beings appears to be the very least of our corporate-owned government's goals.  Instead, America's goal right now seems to be the enthusiastic creation of even more haters, greedy bastards with no souls, ruthless imperialists, pipe bombers, mass shooters and fascists.

     And what is even worse is that both Israel's and America's Holocaust industries are somehow managing to claim that the Pittsburgh tragedy and the Gaza Holocaust are all about the minor inconveniences suffered by the actual creators of these horrors -- and not about its true victims. 

PS:  On a lighter note, here's link to a video showing a U.S. Army general about to cream his jeans at the mere thought of finally being allowed to play with all his war toys here on American soil.

     Not since the Civil War have so many armed men been set loose to run berserk through the American countryside.  With this level of craziness afoot, things are bound to turn ugly.  And pond-scum like the Pittsburgh shooter are just gonna love it. 

PPS:  I'm actually going to be in El Paso when all this stupid shite actually goes down.  Should make for some hecka interesting sight-seeing.


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