Friday, July 21, 2017

The Strange Case of the Zany Zionist

    "Please imagine that you are a poor defenseless elderly women, slight of frame and weighing only 103 pounds," writes Dr. Watson.  Sorry, can't do that.  In my own mind's eye, I'm still only 15 years old and in prime physical shape.  But what else do you got?  "Next try to imagine that some lumbering 300-pound oaf with a dyed-orange hairdo suddenly grabs your forearm and starts to tighten and tighten his grip...."  Yikes!

     "And then imagine that all this manhandling is taking place in a courtroom -- and that suddenly all eyes are upon this elder-abusing bully and he is forced to loosen his grip."  Wait a minute.  Now this story is beginning to sound uncomfortably familiar.  Perhaps that little old lady might actually be me after all.

     But assuming that this powerful and dramatic court scene is the climax of Dr. Watson's story, then where exactly did this strange case actually begin?  Stand down, Dr. Watson.  I can take it from here. 

     It all began back around 2003, even before I had joined a small California branch of the International Solidarity Movement, a non-violent group devoted to bringing peace and justice to Israel and Palestine.  And the lumbering oaf in Dr. Watson's courtroom drama appears to be the exact same guy who has devoted the last two decades of his life to stalking ISM members, bullying us, acting shady and generally giving Zionism a bad name.

     14 years ago, this guy first turned up at one of our meetings disguised as a Pakistani -- that is until his pancake makeup began to run.

     Then in 2006, this zany Zionist made an appearance on the Bill O'Reilly show, telling every kook and nut watching it that ISM supported terrorists (which we don't!)  And then when even Bill O'Reilly seemed to think that perhaps this hulking oaf might be a bit extreme even for his show, this guy just kept re-publishing that same tired segment over and over again on his blog -- for the next eleven years.

     And then this hulking stalker-for-Zionism began falsely accusing us of being members of Hezbollah and fraternizing with Hamas (totally untrue!)  He even started publishing photos of us on his website as if we were wanted criminals (including a rather flattering mugshot of me).

     Then our zany Zionist stalker started becoming even more obsessive and sent in an "undercover agent" to secretly videotape our meetings (and eat up our refreshments too).  Are all Zionists as weird as this one?  Now that's a scary thought.

      So.  "How does this story finally end?" you might ask.  "What was the final courtroom decision and who finally won the case?"  Unfortunately it wasn't me -- but it wasn't him either!  The judge just shrugged and threw up her hands.  "This case is too complex for me to try in this court," she said.  Okay.  I agree.  The judge then indicated that it was time for this overzealous and zany Zionist to be tried in a higher court instead.  But which court?  The Supreme Court?  The Court of Public Opinion?  Or an even Higher Court than that -- one involving pearly gates vs. the Fires of Hell?

     As the ancient Hebrew prophet Micah was fond of saying, "Men will be judged by whether or not they love justice, and whether or not they show mercy".  Or words to that effect.  ISM passes these criteria with flying colors.  But, unfortunately, the Zany Zionist does not.  Case closed.  

     Or is it?

     Apparently, our very own U.S. Congress has also become a nest of zany Zionists too.  Good grief, now Congress wants to pass a bill that will make it a felony if someone like me demands justice in Israel in the same manner that Nelson Mandela demanded justice in South Africa back in the 1980s.  If I keep on insisting on justice in Israel, I could also get stalked by zany Zionists in Congress too.  Yikes!

PS:  Just found out that I (and hopefully  Dr. Watson too) will be going to Israel in early September as an ISM volunteer in Palestine -- hopefully in Jenin.

PPS:  Dr. Watson is currently busy writing up his latest adventure, the fascinating "Case of the Missing Grandchildren".  And I also hear that Dr. Phil is helping him out.

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