Friday, July 07, 2017

America supplies the Taliban's weapons? What!

     For the last 16 (sixteen) long miserable years, America has been at war with the Taliban in Afghanistan, right?  And so I'm starting to feel rather foolish because, after all these 16 (sixteen) long miserable years, I'm only now just  beginning to ask myself, "Who the freak is financing the Taliban?  And who is supplying all their weapons?"  

     And don't try to tell me that the Talibs are still using those rusty old guns and RPGs that the Soviets left lying around in the 1980s or the ones that the Americans used to arm bin Laden and al Qaeda back in the 1990s.  That is so yesterday.  Let's move on.

     Even an American fourth-grader could eventually have figured this out -- that the Taliban have just got to be using sophisticated and up-to-date weaponry.  Why?  Because they are still in the mix -- even after 16 (sixteen) long miserable years of battling America, Canada, Europe, NATO, the UN, whatever.  The most weaponized countries in the world have skin in this game -- and yet they are still losing this "war".

     For instance, just look at Palestine.  Palestinians use rocks and stones and the occasional bottle-rocket in order to defend themselves from their brutal occupiers who use the most advanced arsenal there is.  Plus the IDF now claims that Palestinians have also escalated their weapons arsenal to knives but those are probably just throw-downs.  Perhaps the Palestinians use knives.  Perhaps not.  But see how far stone-age weaponry has gotten them -- they basically live in concentration camps.  Their rocks (and even knives) are a joke. 

     And don't even get me started on the Yemenis -- who appear to be fighting off the entire Saudi air force, army and killer drones only by the grace of slingshots and the willingness to become corpses rather than submit to tyranny.  "Give me liberty or give me death!" they cry from behind their pea-shooters and BB guns.

     So.  I wrote to a friend of mine who works for the Afghan government and asked her, "Who finances the Taliban and supplies them with weapons?  Surely they aren't manufacturing RPGs inside their caves?"  Here is her answer.

     "Yes, you are correct to ask this.  The continued persistence of the Taliban is really important, a question that has been sitting out there in plain sight that American media and scholars tend not to ask.  This is not just a question of financing; but also the fact that Americans have probably killed more Taliban insurgents since 2001 than the total number of Taliban in 2001.

     "Funding seems to come from two sources.  First, the opium trade.  Last I checked, Helmand Province had gone from negligible production before 2001 to producing 70% of the world's opium by 2010.

     "The second major source of funding is charitable organizations in the Gulf, channeled through Pakistan and contributed to by Pakistan.  Not sure of the proportion of this funding compared to the narcotics trade.  Yep.  Our 'allies' in the Gulf seem to be major supporters of the Taliban."

     What?  The Taliban buys arms with money from opium sales?  And who, exactly, buys up most of their opium?  Americans do, yeah duh.  But let's move on.  Again.  

     The Gulf States supply the Taliban's weapons?  And where exactly do the Saudis and them even get any weapons to supply the Taliban with?  Hell, even I know the answer to that one.  From America!

     What the freak do you think that the Saudis are going to do with all the 130 billion dollars worth of weapons that America just contracted to sell them?  Give them out as party favors at weddings?  Yeah right.

PS:  This constant river of weapons sales to both sides of the Afghan conflict is really working out well for US weapons manufacturers, ya think?  They sell to the Taliban and they also sell to the Marines.  What could be a better way to turn a profit?  This is almost exactly the same deal that the weapons manufacturers had going for themselves during the Iran-Iraq "war".  They sold weapons to the Pentagon who sold or gave them to their buddy Saddam Hussein -- and then American entrepreneurs turned around and sold weapons to Iran too.  Remember Ollie North and the Iran-Contra scandal?  "It's just business."

      These weapons manufacturers really need to be put in check before even more US Marines get murdered.

PPS:  America's current fairy-tale-generating propaganda machine has just gotten even the freaking NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC involved in its evil schemes to swamp us with even more blatant advertisements for "war".  WMD consumerism?  Exactly how many more deadly weapons do we need? 

     How many deadly weapons does it take to destroy the entire Earth?  To slaughter all seven billion of us humans?  Apparently we still don't have enough WMDs.  Apparently we gotta keep making (and using) even more and more!  And as the flood of propaganda lies about Syria continue to drown us, even the freaking National Geographic has jumped into the lucrative business of lying.  Yikes!

Stop Wall Street and War Street from destroying our world.   And while you're at it, please buy my books! 

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