Tuesday, December 29, 2015

My very best sound bites from the Beirut conference on Palestine

      At a recent conference in Beirut on "What to Do about Palestine," I got interviewed by a local TV station regarding my views on the subject -- whereupon I immediately went off into some really long, rambling rant about injustice, fascism and neo-colonialism in the Middle East.  "Keep it simple, just use sound bites," someone there advised me.  Okay.  I could do that.

     So here's a list of some of the key sound bites that I came up with (hours too late however -- I'm not really good at thinking on my feet):

     1.  Israeli neo-colonialists have spent the last 67 years (as well as almost a trillion dollars) on waging their sleazy War on Human Rights, both inside and outside of Palestine -- and yet they are still losing that war.  "Losers!"  They can't even manage to defeat a bunch of rag-tag Palestinian kids seeking freedom while armed only with rocks and knives.  (Then I made the universal "L-for-loser" sign on my forehead at this point).

     1.a.  Palestine has become the Israeli neo-colonialists' Vietnam.

     1.b.  In these morally medieval times, thank God that a few of us human beings still have ideals and still strive for justice.

     2.  Just think how beneficial it would be for the citizenry of both Israel and Palestine if they just got rid of their Zionist neo-colonialist gestapo leadership and concentrated on, wait for it, TOURISM instead.  Some of the most holy sites in the world are in this area.  I'd go there in a minute if I didn't have to wade through all those scary-looking SS guys, miles of checkpoints and fascist-like concentration camps first. 

     2.a.  Israeli neo-colonialists have blatantly and illegally seized numerous Christian, Jewish and Muslim holy places and have totally screwed up the spirituality of all three religions.  This shameless and deliberate dissing of Yahweh, Allah and Jesus totally sucks eggs.

     3.  Palestinians now have their very own Joan of Arc -- or is their very own version of the Disney princess Merida?  Or both.  Ahed Tamimi, a brave 14-year-old Palestinian girl from the Occupied West Bank, spoke to us at the conference.  She was electric and determined to end the brutal Occupation of her country.  "I can no longer stand by and watch Israelis continue to steal our land -- sitting, swimming and playing on our land and yet treating us like we have no right to be there."  Here's a video of her:  https://www.facebook.com/ajplusenglish/videos/613344042140440/?theater

     4.  If the Israeli neo-colonialists plan to keep up their current rate of oppression in the Occupied Territories (let alone realize their fondest hope of expanding Greater Israel from the Euphrates to the Nile), then they are going to have to bulk up their army bigtime really soon.  And so they have two choices:  Either hire Blackwater mercenaries like the Americans and Saudis do, or else draft up more homeboys. 

     4.a.  I'm thinking that they'll choose the latter option -- in a effort to keep their storm troopers Aryan.  And if that happens, then it's the ultra-orthodox youth who will be forced to start serving as the gene pool.  This is gonna cause a big mess that will split Israeli citizens right down the middle.  http://news.yahoo.com/israel-law-renews-hot-debate-army-ultra-orthodox-041045115.html

     4.b.  "Divide, conquer and colonize" has long been an Israeli Zionist technique in Sunni-Shia-land.  http://original.antiwar.com/Dan_Sanchez/2015/12/21/war-is-realizing-the-israelizing-of-the-world/  But will this technique work as well for them when it is Israel itself that is also being split into pieces by its endless War on Human Rights?

     5.  Israeli Zionist neo-cons got their asses whupped bigtime back in 2006 after they attacked Lebanon.  It was a total rout.  But now the Israeli neo-colonialists are at it again -- attacking Syria via their proxies Saudi Arabia, Turkey, America and ISIS.  And they're still getting their asses whupped.  Yes, the current Israeli high commanders appear to be "Losers" abroad as well as at home.  Remember how badly they lost their proxy wars on Iran and Iraq?  I rest my case.  http://blackagendareport.com/palestinians_resist_zionist_terror

     5.a.  War is the Number-One cause of climate change pollution in the world today -- and because of all these endless wars in the Middle East, we'll all probably be dead from planetary pollution by 2028 anyway and then who is occupying what won't even matter any more.

     5.b.  One of the main reasons that Israeli thugs arm and support ISIS thugs is that all those creepy psychopaths in ISIS, by claiming to be Muslims, give real Muslims a bad name, including the poor abused Palestinians who are only trying to protect their children and homes.  But this Zionist plot is backfiring because rabid Israeli neo-colonialists have ended up giving real Jews a bad name too.  http://readersupportednews.org/opinion2/277-75/34286-conference-of-the-herds

     6.  I loved the hotel where the conference was held.  I loved Beirut.

     7.  We delegates also toured two television stations (Al Manar and Al Mayadeen) that have recently been banned in France because of their accurate reporting on various actions of the Israeli Occupation forces.  So much for free speech in neo-Vichy France.  But, hey, I got to be on TV!

     Link to more info on Al Mayadeen:  http://english.al-akhbar.com/node/8056

     8.  On the street in Beirut, you can usually spot members of Hezbollah by their fashion choice:  Levi's 501s.  However, Palestine's Joan of Arc chose to wear skinny jeans.

     9.  The food on Alitalia airlines is not so good.  But they do have great in-flight movies.  When we flew over Turkey, however, I just kept hoping that President Erdoğan wouldn't shoot my plane down too.

     10.  Israeli neo-colonialist Occupation forces are no more Jewish than ISIS members are Muslim or those blood-thirsty Bush-Obama military-industrial-complex creeps in Washington are Christian.  Blasphemers, the whole lot.  Just ask Jesus, Mohammad (PBUH) and Abraham!

     11.  Israelis can visit California without a visa any time that they want.  But can I visit Gaza without a visa too?  Never gonna happen.  But then California is not a concentration camp.  http://www.intifada-palestine.com/2015/12/uk-activists-clarion-call-civil-societies-around-world-expel-israel-united-nations/

     12.  Israeli neo-cons disguised as the American Israel Education Foundation, a tax-exempt AIPAC clone, just treated 57 American congressmen to a free tour of Israel.  However, when these same 57 congressmen were also offered a free tour of Palestine by the Free Palestine Movement, not one of them accepted it. http://freepalestinemovement.org/2015/12/12/57-congress-reps-taken-to-israel-who-do-they-really-represent/

     12.a.  AIPAC:  Giving Jews a bad name since 1951.

Are these hot soundbites or what!  Bam!

PS:  All the sound bites expressed here are my own.  However, unlike most American mainstream media sound bites, my sound bites are actually based on real, on-the-ground, provable eye-witness facts.  Eat your heart out, MSM!

PPS:  Why am I being so freaking hard on Israeli neo-colonialists?  That's easy.  It's because I love justice -- and always have, even when I was a kid.  And there is nothing more unjust than what is happening to Palestinians right now.  Just imagine how you would feel if, like them, you had your land, your safety, your peace of mind, your freedom and your children stolen from you and then were accused of being a "terrorist" for simply wanting it back.

PPPS:  Not even one of the Israeli and American empire-seeking neo-colonialists and neo-fascists who might read this report from Beirut are going to agree with me on any one of these soundbites.  But then what does their measly opinion matter when Jesus, Mohammad (PBUH) and Abraham all agree with me.  Humph.