Tuesday, January 30, 2007

"Lost" and "September 11": A tale of two rigged plane crashes?

Scrounging up enough money to pay the rent each month is a big pain in the bootie -- but it has to be done unless one is fond of sleeping in the street. In order to keep a roof over one's head, it is always a good idea to have a J-O-B. I learned that the hard way last winter when I was unemployed and almost down to living on cat food and searching for a good spot under the freeway overpass for my cardboard box. Yes, like it or not, unless you inherit big bucks or win the lottery or rob a bank, having a job gets a really high priority slot on the to-do list of those of us who are not addicted to living outdoors.

I just finished working at a temp job that involved writing catchy slogans for web sites. Now I've got a job as a security guard. I like working as a temp. It's like traveling through businesses instead of traveling through foreign countries, except you don't have to bring your suitcase to work.

Anyway, during the down-time at my new job, us security guards are allowed to use our computers to surf the net. So I decided to take advantage of all this sudden free time and catch up with the last three seasons of "Lost".

"Lost" is really confusing!

So far, this is what I have figured out: At first there appears to be an out-of-control plane crash but then it turns out to be the result of a deliberately planned and staged attack on the plane by people who then try to pose as victims themselves -- plus there is always a lot of confusion regarding exactly who are the good guys and who are the bad guys. Trying to sort this all out is giving me brain freeze. But after watching 50 episodes of all these alternative versions of truth, who in their right mind would NOT be confused.

Then I saw an interview with the writers and producers of "Lost" and guess what? Even THEY are totally confused. Then I went to the Chicago Tribune's "Lost" chat room and everyone there was clueless too -- but speculating like crazy. Then I googled the word "Lost" and found hundreds of pages of even MORE speculation!

This whole phenomenon of "Lost" reminds me of another plane crash that has half of America and most of the rest of the world also speculating like crazy -- "September 11". Did those planes crash simply due to a terrorist plot like we were originally told? Or were those crashes also a result of serious behind-the-scenes manipulation by people posing as victims? What really happened on September 11, 2001?

Is there a similarity between the plane crashes on "Lost" and the plane crashes on 9-11? Yeah. They both are very confusing, they both appear to have been rigged -- and they both pose a LOT of unanswered questions.