Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Calling the Bad Guys' bluff: If you are DETERMINED to have WW III, let's just do it & get it over with!

After all those years of being forced to listen to Ronnie and Bill and George I and George II pontificate about bringing peace to the Middle East ad nauseam, here we still are -- with more "war" in the Middle East than ever. And it has cost us taxpayers at least a trillion dollars so far-- money COMPLETELY wasted. And the issue is STILL Palestine. Only now it's also Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan and Somalia too. And Syria and Iran.

WHEN will all of this this craziness (not to mention inefficiency and off-the-charts fiscal irresponsibility) finally end? When you have blown up the entire Middle East? When we have World War III? Or when every single person on the planet is dead? Including me? It certainly looks like our guys in the White House, Congress and the New York Times editorial office are heading in that direction.

But almost even worse than enduring these pointless, fruitless and expensive exercises in futility called "wars" is having to slog through all the weeks, months and YEARS of propaganda justifications that the maniacs in the White House, Congress and the New York Times cram down our throats and bombard us with first. Guys! You have put me through the escalation and justification wringer too many times. I'm tired of that. Stop wasting my time with foreplay. This time just go for it! Just blow up the freaking world now instead of doing it piece by piece and driving me nuts in the process.

You KNOW that you want to. Do it now instead of later. End the suspense.

I'm sick and tired of constantly having to WORRY about all this stuff. And then after having worried myself sick about whether or not you are actually going to blow up [name the country], worry incessantly about how someone as insignificant as me might possibly be able to stop this insanity and then to STILL have it happen? Forget about that.

You've heard of Texas Hold 'em? Well, guess what. All you Dr. Strangelove types? I'm calling your bluff. Either go down into your bunker under the White House and hit the red button right now or SHUT THE FREAK UP!

At least after you blow us all to smithereens, I'll be in Heaven and you'll be in Hell and I won't have to listen to any more of your freaking propaganda justifications on why it is freaking NECESSARY to blow up the world's women and children.