Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Quarterbacking for Hezbollah: The best defense is a good offense!

I don't think I should even be writing this. Is supporting Hezbollah a form of treason? Bush wants Hezbollah GONE. But I myself can never resist rooting for the underdog. And Hezbollah is DEFINITELY the underdog here. But do I have any allegiance to George W. Bush? Not on your life. He is a barnyard bully who represents everything I hate: Greed, injustice, sadism, evil. That kind of stuff. The stuff that comes out in teenage horror movies -- great for the box office but not quite the thing to look for in an American president.

I'm no Paris Hilton but, George, "I know what you did last summer". You played Jason in Iraq. And Freddie Kruger in Lebanon. So. Against my better wishes -- I would LOVE it if America had a real president instead of just a mad slasher -- I'm gonna support the underdog here and give Hezbollah some Monday morning quarterbacking advice: The best defense is a good offense.

Hezbollah fighters, according to the Stratfor Report, a ground invasion of Lebanon by Israel's crack Golani troops is about to happen. Big land invasion. So. if you are going to all become martyrs anyway while trying to protect southern Lebanon from George Bush -- you can just bet he's the puppet master behind Ehud Olmert -- then don't make your last stand in Lebanon. Make your last stand as far south as you can.

Hezbollah, it is far better for America that YOU make a stand against Bush. Why? Because sooner or later, bush is going to intensify his attacks on American patriots defending democracy here.

Better you guys than us.