Tuesday, August 08, 2006

"Little Miss Sunshine": Can she stop World War III?

You just gotta go see that new movie, "Little Miss Sunshine". It is SO funny! It's all about this "gotta love 'em" dysfunctional family. I have never laughed this hard in my life. By the time the credits rolled, the whole audience was cheering and clapping (and laughing).

You will love this movie!

I smiled all the way home.

Then I got home. And checked my e-mail. And instantly found myself watching yet another episode of the Bush-Olmert neo-cons' drab, dreary, never-ending movie entitled "Death in the Middle East".

WHY are the Bush-Olmert neo-cons doing everything they can to steal America's laughter? Geeze Louise. If money and power mean that much to them, can't we taxpayers just give them a few billion dollars, send them off to Fantasy Island and let them play "Masters of the Universe" all by themselves? Do they have to bum the rest of us out too?

Okay. According to journalist Mike Whitney -- who is never wrong -- the Bush-Olmert neo-cons' ultimate goal is to own Lebanon and Syria so they can run oil pipelines through them to Israel from northern Iraq and the Caspian Sea. Oh my God. It's that dreary oil pipeline obsession again. What's with this mortician-like fixation with freaking pipelines!

George. Rummy. Dick. Ehud. Lighten up! Go watch "Little Miss Sunshine". Get a clue. Not all of us want to live in your dark unhappy paranoid sad little world.

PS: Speaking of sunshine, wouldn't it be easier (and cheaper) to develop solar energy than to survive World War III?

PPS: God may or may not be in our schools, but He is DEFINITELY not in our White House. Sorry, guys, but The Rapture is just not gonna happen -- no matter how many World Wars you start or Arabs or Israelis you kill -- because there is a higher truth than "Revelations". It's called, "God don't like ugly."