Wednesday, July 21, 2004

MORE drug deals: Drug companies score another $18 billion off US taxpayers 

     "George Bush just signed into law a bill that will give drug companies nine billion dollars to produce 25 million doses of anthrax vaccine," they just told me on the radio.  Why is the Bush administration spending our money on 25,000,000 doses of anthrax vaccine?  What good will being vaccinated for anthrax do if we have no jobs, are homeless and hungry and don't know how to read!  If Bush is trying to scare us, guess what?  It's not working.  I'm more afraid of retiring with no savings, no Social Security and no Medi-Care than I am of being gassed by anthrax.
     Now yet another bill is in Congress, trying to make yet another back-street drug deal.  When (not if) it passes, nine billion dollars more of our taxes will go toward drug testing every student and employee ( in America.  Here's a clue, George:  If you stop your guys in Afghanistan from growing the world's largest supply of heroin poppies, we will no longer need this $9,000,000,000 drug deal!
     Am I angry?  YES!  We Americans need to stop paying through the nose so that George Bush can keep his drug company friends supplied with lines of OUR dime bags.  Americans need to wise up and "Just say no" to the rape of our pocketbooks by corporate drug lords.