Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Soleimani, Iran's General Washington. Trump, America's mad King George

     Boy howdy, Trump has truly pissed off the Arab world this time.   "It's as if, back in 1776, that crazy King George III of England had somehow managed to pop a cap on General George Washington," said a friend of mine yesterday.  "People are furious in the Middle East right now.  There's no do-overs here.  The colonists are truly up in arms now!"

     That bad?  "Yeah." 

     It seems that Iranians are sick and tired of "Taxation without Representation" when it comes to their freedom (and their oil too, of course).  Who can blame them?  John Hancock would have also hated sanctions.  If some crazy monarch on the other side of the ocean had murdered Hancock's top general and sanctioned all his tea, he too would have left Valley Forge and crossed the Strait of Hormuz.

     But enough about analogies.  You get the point.  It has been absolute insanity for Trump to piss off the entire Middle East (and Russia, China and the rest of the world as well) by murdering General Soleimani in cold blood -- especially considering America's own history of demanding self-rule.

     And now Trump has got almost everyone in West Asia shouting "Give me liberty or give me death!" 

     And this new colonial Revolution east of Suez is also bad news for you and me too.  Why?  Because Trump hasn't even considered the fact that his monarchy has now driven America twenty-two (22) trillion dollars into debt -- and Trump simply doesn't have the budget to go around murdering everyone in the Middle East without sanctioning us Americans right down to our teabags as well.


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