Sunday, April 19, 2015

Hitting the BRICS: Be careful of what you wish for...

      Despite appearing to have a few slightly-differing opinions on just a handful of petty foreign-policy details such as how many meaningless negotiation-bones they should throw at Iran, or how many meaningless knock-off hand-slappings they should throw at Zionist neo-colonialists, the routinely cooperative, agreeable and in-sync actual actions of President Obama, Congress, Wall Street and War Street clearly speak for themselves.  

     Judging by their actions alone, we can immediately tell that Obama, Congress, Wall Street and War Street are clearly in strong, almost-total agreement regarding their basic foreign-policy vision for America.  Hey, goodie for them. 

     However, unfortunately for the rest of us Americans who are actually having to pay for these actions, Obama & Company's strong vision for America also includes doing everything that they possibly can to start World War III.  Ouch!

      When it comes to his domestic policy, President Obama has occasionally actually tried to be helpful to his fellow Americans -- as compared to John McCain's domestic policy, for instance.  Had McCain been elected in 2008 instead of Obama, he would have tried to financially eviscerate almost every single American in our middle class -- if said evisceration would have given even just one more penny of our tax dollars to Wall Street and War Street instead of to us.

      However, compared to Obama & Company's current (both overt and covert) foreign policies, McCain's 2008 foreign-policy platform appears to have been almost a walk in the park. 

     Right now, Obama & Company's actual, action-based foreign policies seem to include:

     1.  Supporting anyone and everyone who can create chaos in the Middle East -- including but not limited to Israel, the Saudis and even ISIS and Al Qaeda

     2.  Hitting the BRICS (especially Russia and China) every chance they can get -- including spinning outright lies, spreading false propaganda, using false flags, supplying massive amounts of weaponry to the neo-Nazis in Ukraine and even shooting down civilian aircraft

     3.  Supporting almost every single despot in the world today and alienating almost every single non-despotic government and/or democratically-elected leader in the Middle East, South America, Africa and the EU too.

       4.  Preemptive nuclear strikes?  Those don't seem to be off the table at all.  Those boys in DC and NATO have been reading far too much Herman Kahn!
     But none of these things are cool things to do and all of them can rapidly lead to circumstances far beyond Obama & Company's (and our) control -- up to and including World War III, to be fought both abroad and at home!
     Not since 1864 has America known war on its shores.  Except for 9-11, the occasional violent suppression of civil rights marches and a few gun battles here and there involving bad guys and/or police, it's been pretty calm around here for the last one hundred years. 


     If Obama & Company keeps on pushing their current foreign-policy agendas as hard in the future as they are doing right now in Syria, Ukraine, Yemen, Palestine, Afghanistan, Mexico, Honduras, Africa, Iraq, etc., and rattling their sabres like they were McCain, GWB and Dick Cheney combined, then we may start to know war on our own native soil a whole lot better than we would ever want to.

     But perhaps at this point you might be asking yourself, "What is the problem with you, Jane?  First, there's never going to be another war here in America.  And, second, even if the denizens of War Street do make a huge profit and even if 50% of America's children do go without schools or shoes as a result, won't it all still be worth it -- to see America continue to be the world's top dog?"

     You just keep on telling yourself that -- but only if you don't really mind butchering a few million (or billion) innocent women and children (and subsequently end up rotting in Hell) to get to the top. 

      Plus not only do we now have to worry about military wars coming to our shores, apparently we also have to worry about economic wars arriving here too!  My friend Judy just e-mailed me a whole laundry-list of stuff that is also wrong with Obama & Company's foreign-policy vision -- from a financial perspective.  Here is just one small item on that list:
     "I myself believe," wrote Judy, "that the new multinational corporations don't care about the US any more than they care about any other country.  They have proved again and again to us that, for them, it is always and only about making money.  And, bearing that reality in mind, consider that on the one hand China's new banking initiatives could shut down the US empire if or when -- and I would say when -- the balance of resources shifts away from the dollar.  That is what a lot of these military attacks on Russia and China have been about.  But on the other hand, however, most likely it will be no problem at all for the multinationals to pivot their markets and financial bases to Asia -- leaving America financially high and dry." 

     So perhaps it might be a good idea (for us) for Obama & Company to stop hitting the BRICS -- and especially stop hitting Russia and China.  Or else they need to not act surprised when they (and we) actually get what they seem to be wishing for:  World War III.  Fought both economically and militarily.  Fought both abroad -- and here.

PS:  America's current domestic and foreign policies clearly suck eggs for yet another reason -- because these policies also far-too-closely resemble my own definition of fascism/corporatism/ despotism, which is:  "Instead of a country spending its government's money to better the lives of all of its citizens equally, said government's money is only poured into the coffers of an 'elite' few."

PPS:  And speaking of false flags, here are the five major signs to look for in order to detect one: 

1.  Horrific images are over-used to shock the public

2.  Drills for a similar attack appear on the same day in the same area

3.  Eyewitness accounts do not match the official story

4.  Conflicting evidence is not repeated by the media

5.  Used as an excuse to curtail rights or to start a war

      And while we're still on the subject of false flags, please excuse me for stating the obvious here -- but with so very many false flags in the American spy-craft industry having come to light over and over again recently, how come 9-11 alone has become the sacrosanct hands-off Lady Madonna that can never ever be properly investigated or even mentioned in the same breath as the words "false" and "flag"?

      With regard to false flags, let us paraphrase philosopher Harry G. Frankfurt. "How can we ever truly gauge what dangers we are in -- if we are lied to about their existence, their causes and their effects?" 

      How can we Americans possibly use good judgment in order to keep ourselves safe when we are constantly bombarded with lies about Iraq, Syria, Ebola, voting-machine data, Ukraine, weapons lobbies, our post offices, Big Pharma, GMO crops, net neutrality, nuclear safety, what really happened in Palestine, that banks are too big to fail, that Jesus hated poor people -- and goodness knows what all else!  We can't even get a clear story about whether or not there is still gold in Fort Knox.  And the New York Times, our most vital "newspaper of record," is constantly getting caught out for their lies. 

     According to Frankfurt, unless we can reinvent ourselves as a more truthful society ASAP, then we are doomed.