Saturday, October 18, 2014

Big Soda is taking over Berkeley!

     I keep begging Big Soda operatives to take me off their phone lists -- but to no avail.  Daily I get calls from their push-pull mercenaries, frequently even twice a day.  And as Carol Denny wrote in the Berkeley Daily Planet recently, "...the larger issue, as Big Soda’s waterfall of campaign materials proves, is local control.

     We are losing local control of our city to uncaring, for-profit-only mega-corporations who do not give a damn about Berkeley residents or what they think or want.

      Here are some photos of recent Big Soda propaganda mailers (that include appeals to racial minorities, confusing information and sometimes even outright lies) that I myself have gotten in just the last few weeks.  With all that money to throw around, Big Soda could have fixed the teeth of every kid in Berkeley with tooth problems caused by drinking soda!