Wednesday, July 31, 2013

broken arm, broken healthcare system
     by jane stillwater

     this report is gonna be short because i have to type it all with only one hand.  hunt and peck.  no capitalizations.  that's what happens when one breaks one's arm.

     and another thing that happens when one breaks one's arm is that, after i had tripped and fallen over a piece of uplifted sidewalk in berkeley and got rushed to the hospital in a fire truck, i also quickly discovered how much our healthcare system has been looted and plundered by healthcare insurance company executives trying to score yet another million-dollar paycheck -- at the expense of our hospitals, us patients and our hard-working doctors and nurses.

    it took forever for me to get seen and treated.


     the doctors and nurses and technicians at my hospital were all angels of mercy and friendly and skilled and kind.  but there were only a few of them and only so much they could do in the time allotted to each patient -- they could only spread themselves so thin. 

     "and how do you feel about working for sutter health, that big conglomerate that has taken over your hospital?" i asked all of them

     "sutter health?  i hate sutter health!" they all replied.  hey, me too.  and every single employee that i talked to said the same thing.  and they didn't just hate sutter health.  they really really really hated sutter health.  must be strange to have 100% of your employees hate you so much.

     "there should be a law that says that when the salaries of executives of non-profit corporations reach over one million dollars a year, then that company's non-profit status should be revoked." 

     sutter's greed is slowly eating our local hospital alive.

    i would type more on this subject but gotta go take my pain medication and then try to figure out how i'm going to take a bath and drive a stick shift with only one arm.  sigh.  my total sympathy goes out to anyone who has ever permanently lost the use of an arm, a hand, a leg or any other appendage.  don't see how they can do it.

ps:  between the heath insurance lobby, the nuclear-waste-creation lobby, the pharmaceutical lobby, the oil lobby, the coal lobby, the nra lobby, the bankster lobby, the gmo/agribusiness lobby, the war profiteer lobby, the tobacco lobby, the anti-regulations lobby, the aipac lobby, the pro-pollution lobby, the anti-education lobby, the offshore tax haven lobby, the anti-social-security lobby, the cia lobby, the hedge-fund lobby, the deforestation lobby, the anti-union lobby, the sell-off-our-post-offices lobby, the media-monopoly lobby, the food additive lobby, the strip-mining lobby, the keystone pipeline lobby, the pesticide lobby, the fracking lobby, etc., it's a wonder that any of the rest of us americans are even still alive and functioning at all -- and still even have all our arms and legs too.


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